We absolutely adore our senior cats. Whether you hang out in the art room, or the math wing we want to capture your face. We like to take the time to really get to know you and what you like, what you dream about. 
How cheesy does that sound? But really, we care about you in a world that can seem so dark. Let's make art - and maybe order a pizza?

Senior year baby!
Let's do this!

Our sessions are 2 hours in length! We let you bring up to three different looks to change and express yourself!

Location can be in the Cedar Valley OR somewhere wicked like -- Backbone State Park!


We like when you show off what makes you proud, whether that's your animals, sports, makeup, military.. so us the true you!! Time of year, well, which season is your favorite? We will make it happen! Spring / Summer / Fall or Winter! 


Our Senior sessions are $175.
This includes our time photographing + editing your session and your personal Premiere appointment to view your images on the big screen! 
*no prints or digitals are included in session fee*
Print Collections start at $350 - 1800

We only take on a certain amount of kids each year to insure the best experience for all our clients!


For availability and more details email us right meow! 

Don't wait..

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